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Let’s take play a step ahead with our Sensory Play Kit!

Do you know how as a child you wanted to play certain toys a certain way? Not defined by rules or boundaries or gender? We personally wished that there was someone who gave this much thought to toys when we were kids.
Being pretty much fed up with all the store toys that were getting kind of repetitive, we went looking for options that could last through hours of play.
When we stumbled across open-ended toys, the possibilities were endless. It was a free reign to play the way we want and that’s what we want for our daughter. To not be limited. To create. And that’s what we intend to bring for all the little ones out there.

What we offer :

For parents who would love to assemble sensory bins for their children, check out our blog for some neat tips and tricks.

For all parents who have been wanting to try open-ended play with their children but have found assembling, scurrying, and gathering stuff for play a bit tedious. Here are our Sensory kits, where we have assembled and gathered everything for your child to play with. All you have to do is just prop your feet up, relax, drink your coffee hot, and supervise your child.

How it works :

We have themed boxes for all the months of the year, i.e, 12 themes – 12 months. You can buy them individually or subscribe for 3 months / 6 months / annual boxes. The themes will be revealed as per time and be available for preorder.  The particular theme though will only be shipped once the particular month starts.