When I think of my little one and paints, only one thing – an absolute horror show, around 50 scenarios of how things can go wrong comes to mind. But, every child loves to color and its not like you can keep them away from it forever. So I got to work and found out about this absolute wonder – Roll on paints.

Unfortunately though, I couldn’t find these where I live, hence I got to the next best thing – DIY. And I was fortunate enough to find that Pinterest had its own variations – DIY projects tackled and tested by other moms.

So what is it that we need, you ask? Deodorants! and I mean roll on ones. Not the spray kind. My husband recently went on a roll on spree therefore I had empty bottles lying around that needed to get tossed.

How to prep them?

Collect all your roll on deodorants. Peel the labels and screw open the caps. Pop the head of the deo with the help of a thin lever (knife, end of a spoon or a comb etc.). Wash the ball and the bottle nicely. Add a few drops of liquid paint and a bit of water. I used acrylic because that’s what I had. Water color is preferable. Mix the paint and water well using a brush. Pop the ball head on and roll away. Screw the cap back on and store away from children once done.

And there you have it! Easy and simple DIY Roll on paints.

If you have a paint hack that you would like to share, comment below! You can also check out the various things I like to collect for all other sensory activities.

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