Frequently asked questions / FAQ :

What is sensory play?

Sensory play is a method of play where your little one gets to learn and explore texture, materials and color. Any play/activity that stimulates a young child’s senses of touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing, as well as anything which engages movement and balance. It is an open ended play and is sometimes aided with a learning element.

What does open ended play mean?

Open ended play, in simple terms, means that there are no rules. Your little one is free to create and imagine any way they want to while playing. There is no right or wrong to this kind of play.

Why sensory play?

Because it allows your little one to explore to their hearts content and make a mess, if need be, God forbid, in a supervised, safe yet fun environment.

How does sensory play help our little one?

Sensory play helps them calm down when they are anxious or refocuses their attention towards something that seems fun while dissipating their frustration.
When nothing works and your child is having a full blown melt down try introducing them to a sensory tray to work it out. Children are allowed to have big feelings and we must respect and acknowledge that, but there are times when they just need something out of the blue.

How is sensory play beneficial as a family?

Sensory play sets the environment for an interactive session with the parent and child. It also creates the perfect atmosphere for siblings to play together.
It is a place where your little ones can be taught and learn through imitation and actions.
You probably would be surprised to see them imitating you or a sibling pour that cup of tea, or maybe motor grind that ginger garlic together. Maybe a finesse for rolling out those breads perhaps?

Is sensory play only a method of learning?

No. Sensory play is fun. And is meant to be fun. You only add a few elements that can be taught while they play if it matches the theme or if they are interested. It involves all their senses and they develop their motor skills while they explore. Their hand – eye coordination generally starts to improve. Obviously all in due course of time and not over one day.
Sensory play is in a nutshell an upgradation system while the child grows. Initially you might start with very few items for infants, and then slowly you add items to the play as the child grows to keep their interest going.

How does sensory play work?

Sensory play helps your little one tackle problems that they are facing. They might not be the typical or ‘socially correct’ way of doing things that one might expect but little one’s know how to get the job done.
Like learning to loop items with a stick if not a thread. And might learn how to place things correctly and remember where everything goes. Which in turn they practice in their daily life eventually.
You guide them once, you guide them twice but never force play on them. It is their time to imagine and create and sensory play is meant to be played without the rules. It is an open ended play.

Having said that, there are certain decorum you can maintain while they play. The minute they create an unacceptable mess, you pack up ASAP and explain why they get to play only the next day. This sets boundaries without all the yelling and frustration.

What is the appropriate age for sensory play?

Sensory play or sensory activity can be introduced to little ones as young as 6 months. The parent must take all necessary precautions and supervise while playing as sensory play more often than not consists of small parts. However, our sensory kits are intended for ages 3+ , the range of toddlers to preschoolers.

I have certain doubts or have never come across this kind of play. Who do I reach out to?

If you have any queries that you would like answered, kindly DM [email protected] .
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Do you have a physical store that I could test out and buy the kit from?

Currently no. We only have an online store and we ship all over India.

Do you do International orders?

We are looking into it and hoping that we can be of service in the future.

Do you take customized orders for birthday parties as return favors and such?

We might be able to help. Please reach out to [email protected] to enquire.