Ramadan sensory kit


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Introducing the Limited Edition Ramadan sensory kits.

A few days before Ramadan started we realised, we wanted to make this month special for our child and for children like her, who are not of age to fast and are limited to enjoy the festivity surrounding this. We wanted to introduce what this month meant to us in a kid friendly way and give them something exciting to look forward to.

This kit includes:

  • Two Peg dolls
  • Two Prayer mats
  • Wooden 2D Camel
  • Phases of the moon – 5 discs
  • Pebbles
  • Chenille stems
  • 4 Wooden stamps
  • 2 Play doughs – navy blue and orange
  • Golden stars
  • Assorted Stickers
  • 5 Wooden sticks
  • Few assorted mompoms
  • Build a Masjid kit
  • Educational sheets

Our Build a Masjid kit includes :

  • A black background
  • 6 Glitter foam sticks
  • Mosque facade
  • 2 Minaret shafts
  • 4 Domes
  • 2 Minaret domes
  • 5 Main Doors
  • 3 sets of windows
  • A set of velcro stickers

WARNING: Whilst sensory kits are lots of fun, keep in mind that they do contain small parts and pose a choking hazard for children. Sensory Play should be closely monitored by an adult and we recommend they be played with under adult supervision. Once play is done, we encourage our parents to keep the kits out of the reach of babies and small kids. Not intended for children under 3.

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