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Introducing our new ‘Pretty as a Peach’ Spring Tinker Tub!

Why Tinker Tubs?

Tinker Tubs are little jars of joy that you can pull out any chosen moment. These can be your go-to when you need a few moments to set the table up for dinner or for chasing your kids travel boredom away. They come with a single color play dough and few accessories to amp it up. All packed up nice and neatly into a jar for easy access. Slip one into your bag to make waiting time at restaurants more fun with kids or use it on that rainy day when the kids are stuck at home itching to get out. Pair it up with a book your child likes to read to make play more fun.

What does this Tinker Tub contain?

  • A bunny play dough cutter
  • Strawberry scented, pink, handmade play dough – 100 gm
  • Few loose accessories to aid your gardening endeavours such as gems, bunnies, eggs, flowers etc.

The play doughs are currently taste-safe for toddlers. Glitter can be added on request. On adding glitter the play doughs will no longer be taste-safe. All our hand-made play doughs contain coconut oil, salt and cream of tartar.

WARNING: Whilst sensory kits are lots of fun, keep in mind that they do contain small parts and pose a choking hazard for children. Sensory Play should be closely monitored by an adult and we recommend they be played with under adult supervision. Once play is done, we encourage our parents to keep the kits out of the reach of babies and small kids. Not intended for children under 3.

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